Learn Spanish online through Skype with the help of a Spanish native speaker teacher

I'm  willing to help you learn and speak Spanish

A teacher for you alone

Having a teacher just for you is a real advantage. You will be given all my attention and advice for learning to communicate in the Spanish language as fast as you require.

I can help you with your learning of Spanish based on your expressed needs with the Spanish language. Your expressed needs will configure the syllabus and materials of your course.

If you don’t want to learn alone, you can invite some friends and make a learning group.

A small group is better than a larger one

It’s better to have a teacher just for yourself than being part of a large group. Research studies have revealed that large groups lower the motivation of the student and are one of the causes of high levels of dropouts.

You can learn together with a small group of up to five people. This gives you the opportunity to practice, share and interact with motivated people. Learning a second language is also a social process.

Access all your activities and learning materials through Moodle

The one-on-one classes will be given by Skype. The asynchronic activities will be done in a virtual classroom built inside the LMS Moodle, where you will participate in forums, watch videos, listen to sound files, read texts and take tests.

Learn a lot at a lower price

15 USD an hour for one-on-one Spanish learning sessions. Discounts are available for block bookings and can be discussed.

10 USD an hour for each member of a group up to five people. Special discounts for you if you contact the other four members of the group.

Send me a message with any question about this course

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to the Spanish courses that I offer. Or if you prefer, please, send me an email to: 

Profesor: Orlando Cárcamo Berrío