modality principle

Designing a Html5 type sound player button to implement Mayer's principle of modality

  • Posted on: 15 December 2022
  • By: ocarcamob

Spanish version
Written by: Prof. Orlando Carcamo Berrio





Through this article I present to you my implementation of the modality principle proposed by Sweller's (1994) cognitive load theory and Mayer's (2005) cognitive theory of multimedia learning. The modality principle recommends replacing written descriptions with spoken descriptions when giving explanations about the preparation of a task or a job on a platform or virtual classroom. It states this principle that since auditory or visual information is processed independently, then the student's working memory is not overloaded. I explain my application of the modality principle through the design of a sound player button to access the teacher's instructions in audio form on online educational platforms. In the design I used HTML5 and JavaScript.